14 March 2012

Adrián: A windfall for its low price and profile Barça

He did not have Adrián (Asturias, 1988) were taken out of the bag a goal against Besiktas to convince Barça that this is a very interesting forward.

For several months in the Camp Nou was being carried out a complete follow both matches Vicente Calderón on the go. They concluded that their DNA is azulgrana.

You have arrived to the area, technical one on one, support and goal. Sum 14 goals so far this season (7 in the Europa League, 6 in the league and one in the Cup) but the best is his ability to work collaboratively, their philosophy of play and humility block. So far, nobody has moved tab and it is not true that is offered.

His price also is far below their true valuation in the market. Atlético he signed from Depor at zero cost to Lendoiro anger, and stipulated a buyout clause of 18 million euros, immovable until 2015, which is what does your contract.

View progression, in Calderón are trying to make an initial review. Several English clubs, including Manchester City, are reaching for the primerosen negotiate. (via MD)