20 March 2012

Abidal will be operated by Easter

Pending such time, the centre-back makes normal life with the rest of his teammates.

Eric Abidal was again one more during training yesterday afternoon at the Ciutat Esportiva. The French international is waiting to be operated again to overcome, once and for all, problems in the liver. Meanwhile, normal life and prefer not to obsess about an intervention that, though, will occur in the coming days.

One of the cousins ​​of Eric Abidal was moved to Barcelona expressly to be the liver donor needed by the Blaugrana player. Sunday came to Barcelona and, after arrival, the entire protocol to be carried out has started. The intention is that the French international is hospitalized in the coming days and, thus, can be transplanted before Easter. Last week, Eric knew he had to return to the operating room and that this time would be to undergo a more complex operation than before, which may even reach the twelve hours. And even that fact has the least weakened their mood. His mental strength is bombproof as demonstrated each passing day, while going to each and every one of the training of Pep Guardiola.

Abidal is making normal life while waiting for the moment to be admitted and must begin to think, almost exclusively, in the operation. The player will receive a portion of the liver of his cousin, who has traveled to Barcelona to provide full assistance to the Blaugrana. After surgery, the body regenerates.

The impression in training, however, is not that of someone who must undergo surgery to receive a new liver. The strength with which Abidal is responding to the obstacles that life is presenting you make an example for his teammates, impressed by his strength. Affection received from all corners of the globe has also helped Abidal feel strong to overcome a complicated procedure and footballer, and all around him, is convinced.

Each day that passes is one day less to be hospitalized, but also a day to solve a problem that lasts longer too. While not absolutely necessary, the French international football wants to continue enjoying and will in every training session with their peers. Backed by the Blaugrana players and the team working with coach Guardiola at the helm, the wait is less uncomfortable. The only goal now is that everything goes perfectly, that the operation is carried out normally and Abidal to normal life again. The possibility of returning to the pitch at the moment is not considered, since the most important is the operation itself. There will be time to see how the Gallic and if your physique allows privileged athlete in the future consider returning to play football at the highest level.

Eric Abidal strives each workout prior to the operation as if to play next weekend. It will not, but his teammates do, and every time you jump into the lawn, think about him and what they can do for him. Yesterday I did the Roma players. (via SPORT)