16 March 2012

Abidal to play football again

Éric Abidal can still wearing short after you perform a liver transplant.

"Abidal is ready to fight and continue to play, that's his project," said Jean-Daniel Chiche, someone close to the side Barcelona and president of the Medical Foundation Life-Priority Fund.

Abidal had surgery last year of a tumor in the liver, and in the coming weeks will go through surgery to undergo a transplant of that organ. One possibility that doctors already looked in 2011.

"It was one of the options that were studied last year," admitted Chiche in remarks published on Thursday on the website of Le Parisien.

The doctor, however, is difficult for Abidal will recover in time to contest the forthcoming European Championships: "If you ask for their participation in the tournament, is unlikely. Today the most important is the health of Eric," he said.

According to Chiche, the period will remain low Abidal is difficult to predict, because "for a top athlete resilience is different, and often above average."

'Le Parisien' argues that such an operation period of hospitalization is about 20 days and the resumption of normal activity may occur in three months. (via SPORT)