16 March 2012

Abidal played two games more aware of what had

Informed and the need for a transplant, and azulgrana would dress the shirt of France.

Eric Abidal played his last two games this season fully aware of the need for a transplant, ie, internalizing that neither the surgical treatment of shock last year and practiced complementary therapies had impeded the progress of the disease until it becomes irreversible without the said transplant.

The impact of personal and family news so hard not left the azulgrana full-back out of action either from the physical point of view nor from the soul.

According to him, wanted to leave until further notice with two parties also significant, one with Barça at the Calderón, where he participated in the great victory of the team (1-2), key to continue believing in the miracle of la Liga, and then your selection in a friendly against Germany. The clash took place in Bremen on 29 February and also ended with another win 1-2.

Back home, Eric did not participate in any training that would require, as at the last second of the match in Bremen, all your physical energy as a professional. The doctors allowed to the extent of this double effort but no more, hence their absence in training since that day, under a diagnosis of overlapping problems pubalgia.

The shock caused media yesterday soon be digested by the team itself today, for tomorrow is facing its first game without Abidal.Sin however, it is possible that for this reason the expected renewal of Josep Guardiola may come in the coming hours . Would provide continuity and strength to the group, more vulnerable than ever at a crossroads as it is today. (via MD)