22 March 2012

Abidal is already preparing his future away from the pitch

The donor is a cousin, who arrived Sunday in Barcelona and is being submitted to the relevant processes.

The Blaugrana Eric Abidal is still waiting for next week to undergo a liver transplant operation and gradually getting assimilated to not play football professionally, so it is beginning to consider his future away from the pitch.

The donor will be a cousin, so you will not have to wait your turn in the waiting list, since in that case would have to wait at least four months and the intervention be based on other variables such as gravity or the appearance of a patient most in need. The family of Eric Abidal arrived last Sunday at Barcelona, ​​and is being submitted to the appropriate standard protocol prior to such interventions.

Meanwhile, the Blaugrana left side is also preparing for the purpose of acquiring the maximum possible immune competence that would respond to the operation of next week at the top of defenders.

Abidal was submitted on 17 March last year that surgery was performed very quickly and in which he removed a portion of the liver to solve a liver tumor that had been detected few days ago, specifically, Barça announced her illness just three days earlier, on Monday 14 March. Moreover, the Lyons had played the whole game on March 13 in the Pizjuán against Sevilla.

After the operation, the French international was released in just a week and his recovery was dizzying to the point that arrived in time to participate actively in the final stretch of the season and contributed to the conquest of la Liga and of Champions. Even started and played 90 minutes in the final of the Champions League on May 28 at Wembley against Manchester United.

Since that operation, 'Abi' has been subjected to regular review as all patients with cancer and now the doctors have decided it is best to undergo a transplant to resolve the problems of a liver that has stopped working properly . Furthermore, it seems that the defender will have to put an end to his career as a professional player. Nevertheless, the wishes of the international 'bleu' would not let go of the football and stay connected with it.

One possibility would be associated with his current agent, David Venditelli with which could be devoted to the representation of players from other tasks. Nor is discarded to maintain a relationship with FC Barcelona, ​​but at the moment is only a mere possibility. In any case, Abidal and his family are very happy in Catalunya and its idea is to continue living in Sant Just Desvern facing the immediate future.

Like last year when it was operated by Dr. Josep Fuster, Abidal will be operated at the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona after discarding the offer of the French Football Federation to be involved in France. The team coordinator of the Hospital Clínic liver transplants is Dr. Miquel Navasa. (via SPORT)