16 March 2012

Abidal can return to normal life

The various medical sources consulted by this newspaper said that after liver transplantation the vast majority of patients return to a normal life but did not dare to venture if Eric Abidal will play football elite.

To give a more precise about it, said they should have more data, such as what particular ailment afflicting the French full-back and wait until after the transplant, the player responds well to medication that probably for life you have to manage to prevent rejection.

If side effects affect you care about the quality of life that will later. Obviously, the strength and fitness of Abidal in their favor, but none of the respondents, who preferred anonymity, would not 'wet' much more, since many factors to consider, as the long recovery period and age of footballer, 32, who comes to what is normally the end of the career of an athlete.

Without dwelling on the particular case already a general level, the specialists explained that there are two types of liver transplantation, the donor brain-dead and one alive.

For the first must undergo a rigorous waiting list in establishing a scoring system for determining whether to carry out this transplant and urgency it requires.

The second point which is possibly the case of Abidal Barca having announced its operation in the coming days, the donor is voluntary and is partial, that is, a piece of liver transplanted subsequently being regenerated.

The operation usually lasts currently about six to eight hours and the period in which the patient must stay in the hospital between 10 and 14 days. Then comes another period of convalescence of about three months in which the patient has to take various precautions and those subject to numerous controls.

After that period, the patient can lead a normal life, where sound and adequate also to continue taking the medication accordingly. (via MD)