21 March 2012

Abel Resino: "Messi is the world's best by far"

Granada coach, Abel Resino, praised the undeniable superiority of Leo Messi, from last night's top scorer in the history of Barça.

"To argue now Messi is absurd. It's the best player in the world by far. When a match is stuck, take out the crystal ball and no wonder it has already made ​​history," said the coach at a press conference after the match the Camp Nou.

Resino lamented that with the tie to two on the scoreboard, "really was the key moment of the match and we had a clear chance." "But I'm proud of my players, who have given their all. Meter three goals Barça is not easy," he added.

"The team has worked very well, with the difficulty is to play with the best in the world, which is where there are spaces. Having the Barça nervous for a while the game is a tremendous merit. I noticed Barça nervous because the party he could escape, "he assured the coach.

Also referred to two penalties mentioned in favor of Granada, to which were added some controversial plays that Barcelona has claimed.

"If pitarlo penalty should be. A small team causing two penalties in the Camp Nou and is meritorious in itself. On the controversial arbitration be as steep with the arbitration issue, Barça and Real Madrid are the only ones interested . the end wins la Liga he deserves it, not by arbitration a controversy "has ruled Resino. (via SPORT)