21 March 2012

The 234 goals of Leo, on the covers of the world

The Diary Olé changes his head in homage to '10' and becomes' Culé'.
Mundo Deportivo hits on a framework for the great work of Messi.

The Argentine newspaper Olé, always original in their covers, hits a day on which the world press, general and sports, reflects on its first page the record for Messi, top scorer in the history of Barça with 234 officers after so many 'hat-trick achieved at the Granada. The header is changed by Olé magically 'Culé', playing with the drawing of the 'O'. And a full body Messi winks with the ball of his three goals in his hand. There is a holder with a large typeface. Enough with the 'Culé', the 'share the Passion' that accompanies the header and an explanatory text: "A Messi what was César ... With three goals to 234 comes with Barcelona and it is the most scorer in club history. Olé feels a Barca fan over and yells from the logo of this top honor, Congratulations. "

Mundo Deportivo also surprised by putting a frame around the cover in a real feat for framing. The headline says it all: "Historic". On the cover of Marca, Messi wins a small hole through his record next to a huge photo of Cristiano Ronaldo, but is more prominent among exclamation that "Barça are five points". Something similar happens in AS. The holder is for "the challenge of Cristiano, the three goals of Messi is placed behind the scorer." And in the small section azulgrana reads: "Messi can with everyone." Sport opted for a message with an image of Messi: "The best scorer."

"Messi rewrites history" is the headline on the front of La Vanguardia, while The Journal uses only two words: "Hail, Messi." In El País is said that "at age 24 is already the biggest player in the Barça" and El Mundo, always in reference to the covers, it is recalled that "surpasses the legendary record goalscorer César in Barca."

In the French newspaper L'Equipe stands the record was accompanied by important points to fight for la Liga. "Messi returns Barça (the title fight." And notes that "the author of a hat-trick against Granada (5-3), Leo Messi put Barça five points behind Real Madrid and step becomes the most prolific player in the history of their club. "Gazzetta dello Sport in the Italian impact on the record:" 234 goals: the largest in the history of Barça. "In Portugal also surrender to Messi," the best always at Barça, "according O'Jogo. (via MD)