10 February 2012

Zubizarreta: "The symptoms that are favorable Guardiola renew"

Barca sporting director is usually breathe a word about the club's future plans, but yesterday was allowed a license to the renewal of mister.

Andoni Zubizarreta usually displayed elusive when asked about the future, especially on the renewal of Pep Guardiola. The sporting director of FC Barcelona is governed by a policy of not talking about anything that is not sealed and signed.

However, yesterday, was allowed a little license when talking about his friend and coach, said that "the symptoms seem favorable to renew, I am concerned that Pep knows himself knows the costumes and the club, knows what is good for Barça and that reassures me, "he said yesterday in an interview with Rac1. Basque opted not to put pressure on Mr since their day to day is focused on football, "what passes for his head is the Osasuna, and then will be the Leverkusen ", justified implying that movements are not expected until it reaches the break of selections on 29 February, week in which Barça will not match intersemanal. And although he explained that as sports director must think ahead, said that "I have a list of possible replacements for Pep."

As for names, Zubizarreta didn't doubt to eulogize the keeper José Manuel Pinto, "Of course he is wrong in any action, but his average every game has been excellent, has been at the level that is required of a goalkeeper Barça "and the great captain Carles Puyol said that" the intensity with which each game lives and passion for the game help you stay at this level. "

As for the Cup final, the manager said they have no preference for the stage, "the organizer will decide, which time and place to tell us and we'll be there" and asked to forget the debate arbitration because "that is handled disgrace to football. " (via SPORT)