12 February 2012

Zubi: "Let's have faith in this team"

Andoni think that Barça has earned enough credit in recent years.

The sports director of FC Barcelona , Andoni Zubizarreta , made ​​a measurement at rest that it may be true for the final match, when defeat had already occurred. Zubi said that "neither the grass nor the wind helped us a lot. This field is very narrow and must be very precise, but to be irregular and so cold, makes it difficult to play in it. It is true that the conditions are the same for them, but have adapted much better than us. " Former goalkeeper Basque stated that "between the first and the second goal we have had sufficient opportunity to have the game had developed differently, but no luck or success." Finally, Zubizarreta sent a message that can serve for the future. "Let us have faith in this team," he said. One of the officers who traveled to Pamplona, ​​Josep Ramon Vidal-Abarca, also commented that "there is still a lot Liga. " (via MD)