09 February 2012

[Youth; NextGen Series; Quarterfinal] FCB Juvenil A 0 - 3 Ajax

Ajax very practical tomb to the Juvenil A in Miniestadi and it has been classified for the Final one at Four, where will face Liverpool. The Dutch have got three goals in the second half.

The Juvenil A has been removed from the NextGen Series in Miniestadi. Has fallen by 0-3 against a much more successful Ajax in the final meters, and says goodbye to the European dream. The difference in outcome reflects not seen on the pitch, where a willful Barça has been overtaken by a very practical Ajax has become the three arrivals goal of which is provided in the second half.

Thus, the Dutch team who will participate in the Final Four in London. In the semifinals, will face with Liverpool.

The entire first half was very even. The Juvenil A had more possession than the Dutch side, but has lacked the usual depth. You tried to reach the area of ​​Van der Hart with long passes to Dongou, which has rarely been able to get away with some very, very rocky defenses. Ajax, well positioned, has also been approached with danger, as in the closing of Denswil Bañuz who sent in a corner. At the break, a goalless draw in a match in which Barca had been slightly higher.

On the resumption the game has changed color. Ajax has been done with the ball and closed Barca in their own half. The Òscar Garcia, however, have continued to try and plant Ernesto almost alone with Van der Hart on a quick counterattack. On the next play, Schoop has styled an air ball and allowed Fischer to Bañuz face and overcome with a cross shot. 0-1 to lack of 35-minute match.

After this coup have reached the best minutes of Barca, who has tried to head and heart, without reward. Barca have plagued the visiting area, but the goal has slipped back into the other end, in an action that resolved Schoop. With the score 0-2 in the Patri has enjoyed a great opportunity to keep alive the hope of Juvenil A. Patri, however, has topped off his head.

In the final minutes, Ajax has paid to Juvenil A with another goal of Fischer, who has finished a play from the left. The Dutch have been the most practical in the Mini, and who will play the Final Four in London. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Data]
Juvenil A: Bañuz, Edu, Bagnack, Ayala, Grimaldo, Samper, Patri, Babunski, Cristian (Ernesto, min 45), Miguel Angel and Dongou. Entrenador: Óscar García

Ajax: Van der Hart, Ligeon, Veltman, Denswil, Dijk, Sporkslede, de Sa, adquiridos, Schoop, Klaassen and Fischer (El Hasnaoui, min 90). Entrenador: Fred Grim

Goals: 0-1, Fischer (min 56); 0-2, Schoop (min 67); 0-3, Fischer (min 81)

Referee: Juan Manuel Vico Moreno.