22 February 2012

[Youth] Dongou, Riazor to hat-trick

After his debut at Barça B at age 16, the azulgrana forward begins to establish himself as a regular player of the subsidiary. The Cameroonian is also involved in the fighting on Juvenil A. In the last game, has scored a hat-trick.

Jean Marie Dongou, the first player from Eto'o Foundation, has had a busy weekend. On Friday afternoon, the azulgrana forward got on a plane to La Coruna with fellow Barça B to play the next day, under orders from Eusebio Sacristán. And he did. The team coach Dongou relied on in the last five minutes of a very important game, as the B team faced to the winner of the League, Depor. The Cameroonian came to replace Lobato at minute 87.

Not far away is his first debut with Barça B, against SD Huesca, on 28 January. At just 16, has been summoned to be under the orders of Eusebio Sacristán. Even if he is repeating calls for Barça B match after match, that does not mean stop playing with the Juvenil A. Dongou has proved this day that is fully fit to play two games every weekend, if necessary: one with the subsidiary and the other with the Juvenil A. Already done with the NextGen Series and now repeats every weekend that both games agree.

After the game in Riazor, Cameroon's again ready to play Barcelona in conjunction with the start of the season: Juvenil A. And is that Dongou is the star player of this team and did not take long to prove it. On Sunday he entered the field as the holder must, in providing security to the team and with a picture that indicated a lack of physical fatigue. In this game the Juvenil A disputed against Zaragoza, azulgrana forward has been the hero after scoring a hat-trick in the last 20 minutes. Thus, topped the victory and seventh straight win in the Juvenil A.

The Cameroonian, who joined Barça from football training Eto'o Foundation is very excited about his debut at Barça B: "For me it was a dream. I am very happy to play with players older than me, which I have much appreciation. "Juvenil forwar has been felt welcomed by their fellow subsidiary, and explained that "all congratulated me, and everyone was happy for me."

"Work, not stopped working, and I hope to try to seize the opportunity," he said Dongou, just before highlighting the importance of "always be prepared" to "where to touch me play it right." Eusebio Sacristán, which said the Cameroonian was doing very well and "could reinforce Barça B at a given moment" when the player is trained with them last weekend, encouraged him to "keep working hard." (via FCBarcelona.cat)