21 February 2012

Xavi only plan on playing, "Coach? But I have no license"

Xavi Hernández's name has appeared as a future possibility for the bench now occupied by a Pep Guardiola. The midfielder is no question as coach of FC Barcelona. Yesterday, during a promotional event for Adidas boots in Barcelona, could not be more eloquent. "No I wont. Is that I have no license!. Let me play, I'm a player and nothing else. I want to play many years," he said.

Since the conclusion of the match against Valencia until yesterday, all azulgrana players including Xavi, have been positioned for continued Guardiola. The Terrassa said. "I see him motivated. You happy with the team. There 'feedback' and hopefully renew" añandiendo that does not think his decision eel influence outcome of the League. "Not at all. We're in the competition."

He insisted that he is grateful "for what has given us." A Òscar Garcia himself is prepared if Pep decides not to continue in Camp Nou. "I think it will be a first class coach. Also has a great coaching staff."

Xavi believes that all options should rush in the league. "Our obligation is to be optimistic to think we can be leaders and not lose any more points." So expect "three terrible months" to try to hunt down the whites. "We will fight until the end."

As Pep, Xavi also believes that Barça and Madrid should not be measured by the 10 points that reflects the classification of la Liga. "I have the feeling that they are at a higher level. It is unfair the difference by how we played but not how it has played for Real Madrid. Seeing the two teams is much difference but football has details and luck and we do not I've had. "Did acknowledge that "sometimes lower the piston, but we competed well" and praised be recovered "positive dynamics".

Mourinho spent all of last season complaining arbitarles errors. Xavi still think Barça have hurt, but "mourn no avail", released at the time said that "frankly neither read or see it or not I have twitter follow him. At Real Madrid if I see it. I like listen more to see. "The equipo blanco "do not have particularly wanted. What do we want it to go up."

On stage the final of the Copa del Rey, midfielder called on the Spanish Football Federation and clubs to make a decision. "It seems that Madrid has refused. In Mestalla and we did well. It's a great stadium. The more people of the two clubs go the better."

Next up in the League Atlético Madrid will be a clear rise and morale refozarda. "Now everything is final, we can not give a draw and hope that Real Madrid picnhe. Atletico attack has improved. You noticed the arrival of Simeone in their motivation."

Finally, Xavi also said that Barça does not depend on a player. "We have the best player in the world but leaves Messi, Xavi go, the club is above any individuality." (via MD)