14 February 2012

Xavi, named best Catalan player of the year

The Catalan Football Federation will host the first edition of the Catalan Football Gala on February 21st. The clubs, public and jury, made up of journalists, politicians, footballers and managers, named Josep Guardiola the best Catalan manager of the year.

The winners of the first edition of the Catalan Football Gala, sponsored by the Catalan Football Federation, have been named. Xavi Hernández, FC Barcelona’s midfielder, was named the best Catalan athlete of the year, while Josep Guardiola was named best Catalan manager.

After the nominee list was published, the clubs, the public and the jury (journalists, politicians, footballers and managers) voted to determine the winners of the first Catalan Football Gala. The Award Ceremony will take place on February 21st.

The winners

In football: Xavi Hernández, best player; Marta Torrejón, best female player; Pep Guardiola, best manager; Álvaro Vázquez, most promising player and Ana Zardaín, best referee. In Futsal: Jordi Torras, best player; Claudia Pons, best female player; and Marc Carmona, best manager. (via FCBarcelona.com)