07 February 2012

Xavi can play the rounds of the semi-final against Valencia

The big news to prepare for the Cup semi-final is the return of Xavi, who will start against Valencia.

Not the same prepare a game knowing that Xavi Hernandez will command to live in uncertainty. Fortunately for Barça, the midfielder will return to the lineup tomorrow, after two consecutive absences, against Valencia in the first leg against Real Sociedad in the league, two games especially complicated for the Blaugrana, who tied at the Mestalla and won with the team struggling San Sebastian.

After the game against Villarreal, who returned to full play, Xavi needed a break. He was not injured, but the body asked for a stopover in Ecuador again demanding a season with Barça alive in three competitions and no room for breath.

Xavi needed a few days pass without competing for no more squeezing his muscles, especially his soleus and Achilles tendons, especially punished.

Like Leo Messi, Xavi is one of those players able to string matches with Barça and the selection without rest, but in this case, the midfielder felt he needed a break.

Guardiola summed it up before facing Real Sociedad. "I am the first to think that Xavi takes it all, but one day falls. It takes four years without a break, and one day the body says to stop, "said the coach. There was no injury or cause for concern, just a break that has lasted for two games.

The coach needs the best version of Xavi for the clash against Valencia and so I booked in the previous two games, knowing that the Cup semi-final is by far, the biggest game of the year for the team.

Against Valencia, Barca recovered not only his compass, but the pause point matches required to meet as risky as the semi-final, which could end up turned into an exchange of blows. (via SPORT)