16 February 2012

Xavi calls "little thing" his injury and could play Sunday

The Terrassa ensures that takes several weeks "stiff" because of some discomfort in his soleus.

Many stories are being told in recent days about the status of second captain of Barça Xavi Hernandez, some of which even appropriating the term 'truth' in a light as inaccurate. From here we will try, in a small but consistent, explain what is happening with the player in Terrassa.

For starters, the diary SPORT was contacted yesterday Terrassa midfielder to know the reality of what is happening in recent games. Well, the Barcelona fans can be very quiet, because Xavi Hernandez is "very optimistic" about his injury, which he described, literally, "little thing".

The player acknowledged that takes several weeks "stiff" and have attempted to minimize the discomfort in his right leg soleus until "the pain forced me to stop."

In any case, Xavi Hernandez does not rule out "play Sunday against Valencia" in the Liga match, although they seriously contemplated the possibility of not going with the Spanish team in the friendly played in two weeks (compared to Venezuela in Málaga, 29 February) to avoid overload condition muscularly and medium-term performance.

The great advantage that the Terrassa midfielder is that the calendar, this time is on their side because from now will face two weeks without midweek games allowing you to work without the anxiety of a competitive rate as compressed commitments every three days. If Barça confirmed their qualification for the quarterfinals of the Champions League, then it will return the template to the cadence of two games per week.

The stove will Emili Ricart who oversee specific work 'as I had been doing in recent weeks', which toggles Xavi also with training sessions with the rest of his teammates.

The edema that suffers in the soleus of the right leg is a simple muscle soreness which relies heavily on the player's own feelings to give the go-ahead or not when deciding whether you can force to play or stop worth.

After the game against Valencia in the semifinals round of the Copa del Rey on February 8, these feelings had worsened. That day was a starter after missing two games because of a small lesion in the soleus muscle which occurred on January 28 during the Liga match against Villarreal where he ended up asking for the change in the 75th minute. The player tried to continue with their routine work, but the discomfort did not submit.

In view of the situation it was decided not to force for the Liga match at the Reyno de Navarra against Osasuna. Xavi was not in any way good or a hundred per cent, as stated in a medium range of news declined to talk to a protocol of only ten seconds and also do not produce any aggravation of the injury in Sunday's session. At least the information that contradicted the published by that same medium 24 hours before he did have a patina of truth even slightly skewed in some way.

Even the publicly denied Josep Guardiola in the press conference after the match in Leverkusen, Xavi was one hundred percent to play against Osasuna, "I would have liked being able to put me in Pamplona," admitted coach Santpedor . Pep also denied that he had aggravated his injury from Sunday: "The problem with Xavi is not two days but that takes time is not right."

It is true that since the game against Valencia in the Copa del Rey has not been an improvement and that doctors, by agreement with the player and Guardiola himself, have decided to chart a new course in his recovery.

Hence, in the hour before the game of the Champions League against Leverkusen the club issued a statement that health care provider to Xavi suffered "edema" and that his return to the pitch will mark your progress.

It has been dosed in recent weeks

Xavi, a player usually fireproof has had a tremendous regularity, had to be selected in recent weeks to compensate, in part, problems in the soleus. The requirement calendar of Barça has left virtually no room for a break. So far, that in recent weeks has had to manage the effort.

Xavi has played 32 of the 42 official competition matches. Among the first leg of the Supercopa of Spain Granada, Barça and chained fifteen games without rest. Then he stopped, coinciding with Barça-Mallorca and el Viktoria Plzen-Barça, and again returned to the competitive maelstrom in which Barça faced the second 'peak' of the campaign-the first full season was spent in connection with the Supercups-.

Real Madrid and Club World Cup were the challenges then to enter 2012 with three titles in his pocket. However, the hardness of the months of January and August, with two games each week and matches against Valencia and Madrid in the Copa, Xavi forced efforts to regulate: the midfielder has played five of the last ten commitments . Just do not missed the two games against Madrid, turned against Valencia and Villarreal hard shift. (via SPORT)