04 February 2012

Xabi Prieto: "Let's see if we can give the stroke"

The team hopes txuri urdin no repeat performance of last season.

The Real Sociedad player Xabi Prieto has said that attending the Camp Nou on Saturday with the intention of trying to "make a stir" despite being aware that it is almost impregnable stronghold Blaugrana this season.

"Last year we got very complicated from the start in 15 minutes and we lost 2-0 and it complicates the game. You have to try that will not happen." La Real will try to bring even game to try to exploit some against and "give the stroke."

In this sense, the midfield genius Sebastian appealed to the surprise and constant work to get something positive from the game and get back to San Sebastian with a different feel than last year. "You go knowing that it is very difficult. Just have given a draw so far this season, until Betis had not conceded a goal and are probably the best team in the world. But we are hoping to be able to do something that has not got the rest and that illusion, "he said.

The Real Sociedad knows that the meeting will have to work hard and long to remove some of possession to Barcelona. "All teams would like to have more of the ball but against teams like Barca you conscious that this will happen or yes, go with the lesson learned and not so desperate, it's something you expect, you know, and when the recover a view to seize the moment, "he said about it.

About the trouble he was experiencing at the ankle, Xabi Prieto says he is better than I thought. Hopes that the inconvenience of training on Wednesday not prevent you from earning on Saturday at the Camp Nou. (via Marca)