18 February 2012

Without the refereeing errors, la Liga would Barça

Without going to detail, gentle arbitrations have given 7 points to Madrid.
Meanwhile, to Barça have prevented him from winning six, no gifts, the leader would be culé.

La Liga 2011-2012 is marked by refereeing errors that systematically help Real Madrid and harm to Barça. The championship is still open but no one can doubt that, with ten points clear at the table, the whites are on track. Well, looking game at all that leads the league, what follows is that Real Madrid is being benefited by the mistakes that the referees are making on behalf of their interests and against Barça. This detailed analysis does not conclude that there is a shadowy conspiracy in favor of the Real, but it can confirm a trend: the referees spun much finer with the club than Real Madrid, which has benefited from the inhibition of several colleges to many actions punishable.

The enormous pressure from Mourinho and powerful media related to Madrid takes its toll on the members, who have already internalized mistake against white people can have a brutal smear campaign. They also know that to err to the detriment of Barça carries much less wear.

The analysis of MD makes the following conclusions: being generous and without going into games with clear victories have come from Madrid preceded by errors in their favor, whites have benefited by 7 points left over. At Barça, however, the referee errors potentially have cost 6. With 10-point lead for the targets in the table, the virtual classification of la Liga (for MD) makes another result: minus 7 points to Madrid (from 58 to 51) and adding six to Barça (48 to 54), Catalans with 3 leaders would lead to the Camp Nou clásico still to play and the 'goal average' particular favor. In the two pages following this study is given to detail. (via MD)