10 February 2012

Who knows where will play the final of the Copa del Rey?

The final of the Copa del Rey today has three possible scenarios, one being the Camp Nou.
Barça and Athletic want the Bernabeu before Mestalla but Madrid will work to prevent.

The big question and debate right now is knowing when and, above all, where will host the Cup final between Barcelona and Athletic . The two kings of the tournament they want to see their faces in the Bernabeu , but Madrid has scheduled a suspicious renovation to prevent it. This 'excuse' has broken all kinds of comments, but the club will do everything possible target for the final is played in any other field other than his own, giving up, of course, about four million euros, which perceive the club to pay its stadium for the big event.

The president white, Florentino Perez , does honor to Santiago Bernabeu de Yeste, legendary chairman who named the Madrid area and never balked at the cup final will be played at their stadium, or that it was a Barca in 1968 Madrid beat himself at home, in the famous 'end of the bottles'.

Perez did not want to risk ending up giving Barca the lap of honor at the Bernabeu to Barça hymn chords, as it did in 1997 when Barça reached the Cup against Betis.

Barça and Athletic want to play the final at the Bernabeu before Mestalla stadium because it is the increased capacity after the Camp Nou (98,787). The feud white (85,454) would cover the needs of both clubs, as they could carry a lot of fans.

The choice of Camp Nou is complex. Barça will propose to play in their stadium, but its nearly 100,000 seats tempt Athletic solve high demand because of their hobby. Miguel Angel Lopez, coordinator parties RFEF , said yesterday in the program 'Esports COPE' "If Barcelona and Athletic agree, delighted. In the Federation and the clubs, make no mistake, they are more interested because it is the largest stadium and the higher the income, the benefit will be greater. "

The Calderon is out on 20 DeMayo for a concert but not if it ends up vying for the May 25, moved last night Onda Cero. With Mestalla the problem is that the capacity would fall short (52,200). In the final, Barça and Athletic played in there in 2009, many fans were left without tickets. The more remote possibility would be La Cartuja in Seville (57,619 spectators). Remoteness is his great handicap.

On Monday, the RFEF summit to decide the venue

La Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF) has called the two finalists of the Copa del Rey to a meeting in the City of Las Rozas Football, which will take place next Monday, from 11:30 am . Representatives of the three parties (Federation, Barça and Athletic) will meet at the headquarters of the Spanish Football Federation, in order to move forward on the date, time, possible scenario for the dispute and make a final estimate of the distribution of inputs, among other issues.

The coordinator matches RFEF, Miguel Angel Lopez, said that the final will be held on May 25 when Barça reached the finals of the Champions League or the 20th if that does not happen. In any case, consider that the meeting will be "at 21:30 or 22:00. Of the night," he said yesterday in the program 'Fora de Joc' by ONA FM. (via MD)