17 February 2012

Völler will auction the Messi's shirt

Messi's shirt that used to Leverkusen has brought more of a headache for the German club.

Leo Messi's shirt that used in the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League against Leverkusen is going to leave the team Germanic face. The images showed the Sky in which defenses are empecinaban Kadlec and Friedrich and discussed by the bloom of the Argentinian star have bothered much to fans and directors.

So much so, that the club's sporting director Rudi Voeller announced that the club auctioned for a charitable cause T-10 in Argentina. The legendary German striker aired their deep dissatisfaction with the way the players asked for the shirt to Messi, forgetting the poor play of his team, which also trailed at the end of the first half. "I can guarantee that these two players auctioned the shirt for a good cause. I have not yet spoken with them, but it will, because what they did was too much, "said Voeller told Bild newspaper. (via SPORT)