29 February 2012

Villas-Boas is not seen as successor Guardiola at Barcelona

"Guardiola defends the values ​​of the Barça as anyone."

Chelsea coach, the Portuguese André Villas-Boas, has pleaded style fan club, but now recognized not seen as the successor of Pep Guardiola.

"It does not seem true, or would be willing to abdicate now a project next year that I have so much ambition," said the coach of 34 years, when asked about the possibility of succeeding Guardiola in an interview with the radio Portuguese TSF.

The former Porto coach, ex pupil of José Mourinho, said the Barca football is "a state of mind" that reflects Guardiola himself, "a fan who was coach-player-captain, a man who knows the house as one "he said.

"Defend the values ​​of Barcelona to the limit, as anyone, and perpetuated. In his message, everything you say or what you do is much more valuable and much more true that if the transmit another person occupying the bench," he explained. For Villas-Boas, Guardiola goes beyond the school of Dutch Johan Cruyff, because he defends the his own ideals from which "has become something unique."

As for possible reinforcements, reminded his old pupil at Porto, the Brazilian winger 'Hulk'. "There is room at the Chelsea for a wing explosive as Hulk," he said. (via MD)