27 February 2012

Villar: "The Bernabéu is out for the final of the Copa del Rey"

President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has recognized that Real Madrid will not give their stadium.

President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Ángel María Villar, who just a week ago was reelected for a seventh term as head of the agency, acknowledged that the final of the Copa del Rey "not played" in the Bernabeu and has not yet home. "The Bernabéu is discarded, Real Madrid has shown us, reported that there may be. We have not decided yet headquarters. They will meet again at both clubs finalists (Athletic and Barcelona), and we had a first meeting but there was no agreement, "Villar said today in Radio Nacional de España (RNE).

Villar also had no hesitation in ruling that while he is president of the RFEF final of the Copa del Rey in Spain "never" be played outside the Spanish borders. "It's the prettiest game of the year and, while I am president of the RFEF, I will put all my strength for the final of a tournament which is the largest, oldest and most traditional, such as the Copa del Rey, not is played out in Spain, "he said.

The refusal of the club madridista, from various points, such as Paris, have offered to host the finals stage copera. "It's our party, the fans. Money is important, but it is more experience the festival of Spanish football and should be held in Spain, with the followers of the competing teams, "the president of the RFEF, which again affect the dates scheduled for the dispute are 25 or 20 May.

Villar also noted that "can not" decide already at the beginning of a season the venue for the final cup-bearer. In recent days, several media noted an alleged meeting Villar with the president barcelonista, Sandro Rosell, the capital of Spain. Something the RFEF president has not wished neither confirm nor deny. "I will not say or I'll deny (the meeting). I've seen news out of place. RFEF President meets with the presidents of the clubs (First , Second or category that is) several times a year and in many places, the news that have come I seem to have come from what is normal in, "he notes.

"The topics discussed at a meeting there remain among us, and we must not say them publicly. Normal people do not think ill of others. I think an awful lot going beyond the information you do not know the content of what spoken "añadió.Villar also was in favor of" not to go to the courts "to resolve the conflicts that live or may live Spanish football:" I think football has its own agencies to not go to court. dialogue, dialogue, dialogue, and give each side something. " (via MD)