23 February 2012

Villar and Rosell were secretly in a hotel in Madrid

With the issue of venue for the final of Copa unresolved in full swing and the criticism received from Cataluña arbitrations, Villar and Rosell decided to hold a secret meeting to find solutions. AS revealed the summit held in the hotel where you stay in Madrid Laporta. when not traveling with the team.

Sandro Rosell and Ángel María Villar on Tuesday held a secret meeting of two hours at Hotel NH Alcala in Spain's capital. In a surprising meeting, both presidents addressed the issue of venue Cup final Barca to be measured with Athletic in May though, has learned AS, Rosell jumped at the chance to show discomfort between Barça by recent arbitration received by the club azulgrana.

At 16:45 hours Villar came to NH Alcalá (Alcalá located in the street, 66) and went to the cafe. Calling for a tea, demanded a table with some privacy. Within minutes, showed up Sandro Rosell, who arrived on the scene in a taxi. He was alone and the vehicle fell back. Indeed, it was Barcelona president who suggested holding the meeting in this hotel, since it is where you stay for years, when not traveling with the expedition's official Barcelona. In fact, always occupies the same room on the fourth floor.

Both presidents were greeted in a very cordial. And in the presence of more customers (there were five people at that time in the cafeteria), decided to change table to draw the attention of those present, while Rosell asked for a coffee.

Definitely, they retired to the area that the hotel is reserved to make breakfast in the morning to their customers. There they found the privacy they wanted.

At 18:30 hours, Villar gave Rosell and closed the meeting, once one of the waiters told them how he CSKA- Real Madrid was playing at that moment (when they left the hotel were 0-1, Cristiano Ronaldo's goal). The Spanish Federation president left the place in his official car, while Rosell went to his room.

At night, the president of Barcelona continued their agenda and dined with the American entrepreneur Bill Gates.

At the summit last Tuesday, Rosell and Villar also had time to discuss the arbitration. In the last ten days, the Press of Barcelona has been a strong pressure from the media to understand that the team azulgrana has been hurt by the arbitrators. Hence, the Barcelona president has taken the opportunity to convey to the discomfort Villar.

The main theme of the meeting between Villar and Rosell hosted the Cup final azulgrana president reemphasized that Barcelona would like to be played in the Bernabéu but Villar reminded the version shown by Madrid, according to the which at that time the white arena is under construction. Hence, as a second option, the maximum Barca president expressed his priority Mestalla. (via AS)