08 February 2012

Villa: "Every day I am more optimistic"

David Villa says on his blog that is working " very hard "to recover as soon as possible and to help Barça and selection in decisive moments.

El Guaje says that " all is well." "I'm meeting all the work I make both doctors and physiotherapists and the truth is that I feel pretty good, taking small steps each day in the right direction," he acknowledges. After removing the screws from the leg on Friday, Villa confident that "from now on, the recovery may continue even faster."

The top scorer in the history of 'La Roja' recalls, "When I hurt, I said my goal was to help FC Barcelona at the end of the season and be available to go to the Euro if the coach deems it appropriate. And every day that passes I am more optimistic because I'm able to get it working very hard on this recovery. " To achieve this would undoubtedly great news for the champions of the World clubs and nations. (via MD)