10 February 2012

Vilarrubí criticizes the double standard about alleged doping of Barca

Barca vice-president Carles Vilarrubí believe there is a double standard depending on doping allegations at Barça or to the Spanish sports.

Carles Vilarrubí, the current vice president of FC Barcelona, ​​has spoken at the program 'El món de RAC1' it up in the controversy over the French puppet. The manager, a regular of this gathering, has shown that not valued equally criticism of doping in Spain if you speak Spanish sport or if they affect Barca: " It seems that the same people that are now worthless , citing the flag of Spain, on the columns of our sport homelands are under attack from the north of the Pyrenees, are the same people that went absolutely above the attacks on a team like Barca , a winning team, with success, thereby question his sportsmanship through condition if dopaban professional or not. This is an issue of irresponsibility that also occurs within the same country, and curiously the same complaining now are the same as in any way at the time this subject it aerated. "

Asked about the final of the Copa del Rey, Vilarrubí added that Barça depends on what you want and arrange the Federation, and spoke of the tradition of the stadium chosen for this end: "Traditionally, the Cup final was played at the stadium of regime. " (via SPORT)