16 February 2012

Vialli: "Guardiola will be coach of Inter and Baggio his second"

Pep Guardiola looked in the match against Bayer a scarf with the colors of Inter Milan. A simple story but very well used in Italy.

"It's a gift from a friend. Now I'm coaching the team more fascinating it is." So Pep Guardiola said when asked after the game against Bayer Leverkusen to be needed to bring a scarf with the colors of Inter Milan. It was just an anecdote of no importance. But that has served to make the most of Italy and shot the rumors about the future of Inter's current coach of FC Barcelona.

And if there was something missing, has left the former player Gianluca Vialli, a commentator on Sky, with a surprising outcome. "Next year, the Inter bench can Guardiola and, as his assistant, Roberto Baggio."

Among the scarf, the statements of Vialli and the success of Barca in Leverkusen, there is no doubt that this Wednesday, also in Italy, Pep Guardiola has been featured. (via SPORT)