17 February 2012

Van Persie to follow in the footsteps of Cesc at Barça

The humiliation of San Siro may be the confirmation that your cycle at Arsenal's days are numbered.
Great friend of Cesc Fàbregas his secret dream is to return to play with him.

The humiliation of San Siro may be the confirmation that the cycle of Robin van Persie, Arsenal's days are numbered. The Dutch striker, who spent months resisting renew a contract with the Gunners expires in 2013, lived in Milan 4-0 to one of those nights that make a career. Great friend of Cesc Fàbregas his secret dream is to return to play with him.

Van Persie was Arsenal's best player at San Siro. He tried everything, but from the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League you know, but can not admit publicly that he will not play the fourth most desirable competition. The 4-0 fitted around the Emirates becomes a mere formality and, more importantly, is yet another argument for the captain 'gunner' does not find reasons for staying in a sports project that will not bring you titles missing from his resume. It was a hard blow, who confirmed that Arsenal is not according to what. Arsene Wenger himself admitted after the disaster at San Siro, his Arsenal "is out of Europe." No playing around, the surrender does not fit the mindset of a winning team, which aims Van Persie like before pursued Cesc.

Besides an early KO made ​​in the Champions League, Arsenal is 17 points off the lead in the Premier League. For many years, despite Wenger promises his stars to form a template with real aspirations of winning titles, history repeats itself. Summer to summer, the diaspora of the cracks threatening the project. Van Persie, so far, has endured because he loves the club and living in London, but his 28 years of glory ambition is not satisfied. Van Persie is a close friend of Cesc Fàbregas and would be happy to reunite with him at the club if you move from the Camp Nou tab. More when he saw Fàbregas in a few months with Barça has won three titles, is in a final and one foot in the quarterfinals of the Champions.

Van Persie inherited from Cesc the cuff 'gunner' and knows that his 28 years it is almost time to fly if you want glory. Contract Expires in 2013 and has spent months putting off Wenger on renewal. It is in the process that lived before Cesc or Nasri himself. Despite being several years younger than the Dutch both felt the need to change clubs to win titles: Cesc and Nasri has risen three and leads the Premier with the City. Van Persie went off in England as a hero even out this winter. It will be a major objective of the summer market, with the advantage that upon entering his final year of contract pricing for an eventual handover can not be exorbitant, unless an auction is set, as did Cesc, the very player may avoid narrowly defining your ideal destination.

Van Persie is a crucial point in his career and nights dire as those of Milan help you decide. Recently, transcended the interest from Real Madrid for his possible move, with the player's alleged statements that he denied. Moreover, it fits with Cristiano, Benzema and Higuain fighting for two positions was not clear or Jorge Valdano, who imagined him far more than FC Barcelona. It's true. Van Persie is the top scorer in the Premiership with 22 goals and football style, able to play as a striker at a touch, being an ambidextrous end since his days at Feyenoord and versatility to also act in midfield, will sit as a Barça glove. To make matters worse, left behind an episode of indiscipline. All this made of VP a crack with profile Barça. Watch out for him.

Twitter already given up for lost the Champions
Van Persie is a regular on Twitter but it took almost a whole day to rate the 4-0 against Milan but his comments could not hide his sadness for lost giving the Champions: "Bad result but now we win at Sunderland in the Cup . We will do everything to bring the FA Cup home. "That's all I have left. In addition, he thanked the fans who traveled to San Siro.