17 February 2012

Van Persie and Cesc are close friends

Van Persie and Cesc traveling on vacation to New York in May and there were together the Wembley final.

Reunited at the club with his close friend Cesc Fàbregas to fill a track record of great titles orphan is the dream of Robin van Persie. Together they have spent seven years at Arsenal costume fitting many disappointments. A Community Shield 2004 and a FA Cup 2005 is the poor booty as trophies celebrated Gunners. When last season ended, Catalan was already very clear that not still be in London. His fate could only be Barça and so passed it on to their environment. Van Persie is part of it.

In late May, both left on holiday to New York a few days making plans for Manhattan. The wife of the Dutch snapped them in the field of the New York Mets baseball. Van Persie hung it on Twitter, Cesc and another with a personalized Mets jersey. The next day saw from there the Wembley final. Bath felt envious of Barcelona to Manchester United although many more Van Persie knowing that Fàbregas end up yes or yes in the Camp Nou in the summer it almost alone staying in front of a dying Arsenal.

After signing for Barça, exchanges greetings and jokes on Twitter have been a constant. In private communication has been even more intense given the distance that separates them. Despite being nearly four years younger, the ascendancy of Fàbregas in Van Persie is very large. The Dutch feel admiration for the Catalan, who won the captain's armband for the Gunners just 21 years. He had to wait for 28. If you speak Cesc, Robin listens and it was in October 2010 when the Arenys given the name of Juan Ferrando, his personal trainer. Van Persie did not hesitate and since then has another link with the Barca leaving on file a record of 22 lesions in six years.

While enjoying a great time at Barça, Cesc is still suffering with his former team. Twitter yesterday did not hide his desire to see the repeat Arsenal 0-2 to Milan. It could not be attacked and then Robinho: "Why Robinho celebrates a goal only when it does all Ibra? Never understand that." Surely there was also a quick call to support Van Persie. (via MD)