16 February 2012

Valerón: "I have always admired Eusebio"

The emblem of Deportivo de La Coruna spoke to www.fcbarcelona.cat about his experiences in the Second Division A, the next game against Barça B, and the success of the first team.

Juan Carlos Valerón (Arguineguin, Gran Canaria, 1975) is the undisputed leader of
Deportivo, Barça B’s rivals on Saturday. In the words of his President, Augusto Cesar
Lendoiro, "he sets the standard at a sporting, technical, and philosophical level".
Just like the Galician club, in the last decade, he’s been to heaven and hell (mainly
due toinjuries). His experience has brought serenity, and simplicity: Valerón feels an
obligation to return Depor to the elite, even if it’s with the last spark of magic that
comes from his boots.

- After the relegation of your team last year, you said "I'm just as excited to play for
Depor in the second division, as I am playing for the national team". With half the
season over, is your enthusiasm still intact?

"Of course. That was a way of saying that I was very involved with the club after so
many years here. I felt that the veterans in the team had the responsibility to step up".

- Can we conclude that Deportivo is fully adapted to the Second Division and will host
Barça B at a good time for them?

"We’re in good shape and in the last few games we’ve had some very good results.
However, you can’t ever relax too much. We have to be prepared each week, each
game. Those of us who’ve spent many years in the game know what it means and how
difficult it is to stay at the top. We try to bring normality to the situation, there is still a
lot to do".

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