10 February 2012

Valdano: "Madrid attaches great importance to Barcelona"

"There is no advantage Barcelona if they play in the final at home".
"The feeling is that it gives more tired than the Athletic".
"If Barça back in the league speak of catastrophe for Real Madrid.

Jorge Valdano also spoke on the stage of the Cup final when he appeared weekly in El Larguero: "I think it is important the site, the important thing is to give safe haven to all the people who want to witness the final. I feel bad that half of Athletic fans left out of the stadium. I'm not the idea of ​​having to give much importance to Barcelona. Madrid gives it a bad idea and that the terms have been reversed. "

Understand that Barça did not want to play at the Camp Nou: "There is no advantage Barcelona if they play in the final at home. The scenario changes completely when playing a cup final and half the stadium is occupied by the opposing team fans. creates a climate that is puzzling and Guardiola looks. "

Bielsa is often repeating the same line: "The feeling is that it gives more tired Barcelona. We can not do an analysis when the final is played at a remote time. It is imperative calendars. If you still have a place as successful will be easier to avoid fatigue. "

The Argentine coach of Athletic is on everyone's lips: "It has not changed in substance Athletic style. Has the intensity so beloved in San Mamés".

Pique does not lost the League: "Real Madrid is stronger, more able to go from behind. It supports a more hardened path for such battles. If Barcelona back talking about a major catastrophe for Real Madrid. I see Real Madrid really into the league, plays every game like a final. "

Mourinho recovers effective: "The team will play looser and more at the Bernabeu abrigadito visitor. Di Maria is indisputable in Madrid. The only question is whether they can compete Ozil and Kaka."

There is already talk of reinforcements for the white set, "Van Persie is a need for Barcelona to Real Madrid. At Madrid has very little to make a perfect template."

Simeone's arrival has changed Atletico: "The players are willing to risk their lives. Let's see if it continues to be an entertainer more than this championship. Going to be hard fought fourth place. I think Valencia will be the third and the other place will depend on what happens in Europe with Athletic. "

And Michel, at Seville: "It's a dramatic change of heart football. The first results are more or less credible the coach's decision." (via Marca)