02 February 2012

Uneasiness blaugrana in the airport control

A Guardia Civil wanting to give the note delayed the departure of team Valencia Airport.

The expedition left for FC Barcelona Manises airport after the game with Valencia and there met an exceptional character which delayed the departure Barca.

At the airport control, the Guardia Civil would strictly enforce existing legislation and made the players over the control becomes eternal. First there was the ice that Alves had a bag to ease the pain that was not accepted in the control to contain liquids.

The next objective was the shampoo and the gel carrying the vanity Thiago Alcantara and Carles Puyol, who was also pleasing to the driver and asked them to empty the entire contents of their handbags.

If that was not enough discomfort that was creating the Guardia Civil had made a last whim and to divest all of the new jacket worn by players of FC Barcelona to go through the arch.

Finally and in spite of the Guardia Civil's requirements the expedition was able to leave from the airport of Manises. (via SPORT)