20 February 2012

Unai Emery: "Valencia has been at the mercy of Barça"

Displeased with his team and with little desire to answer questions from reporters. Valencia coach was clear that "we have a bad game" and that "defeat is painful, since we have been much lower. We had done previous matches against Barça in which we had been good, but tonight was all otherwise. have been much higher. "

With performances like tonight at the Camp Nou, Emery is clear that the quest for second place "is unattainable." In turn, Unai has made the next exposure of the meeting: "It was a game that we had very little possession. We wanted to rush back from them. In the previous games have always had a balance in possession and the team has been at the mercy of Barça except for the 0 - 1. "

Valencia coach has found a reality and is on the lawn of Camp Nou two teams have been very different, "the best version of Barcelona and one of the worst of Valencia, is what has led to the pitch. ".

In the game tonight, Valencia has missed a Banega, remember that has been run over by her own car while trying to stop it. A Banega, who traveled to Barcelona through injury, Valencia noticed it missing because "it gives us the personality that the team needs. It gives us the possession, against Barcelona have always had in mind to play."

At about the incident that has suffered the Valencia player, the coach regretted the "unfortunate news. We were worried. Now the best part is that the operation goes well and recover. Valencia will wait."

In addition, Emery has lamented that "we were a bit depleted, with some situations, with Jordi Alba, with Mathieu with fever, Miguel has had a muscle proema have to wait ...".

And he ended the press conference Unai Emery, somewhat taciturn, not wanting to have come to appreciate the game of Messi. Earlier he had warned that spoke only of Valencia and when asked about Messi responded: "They have been much higher." (via MD)