24 February 2012

Tomassi: "Everyone will be watching what he does Guardiola, not just Barça"

The exfootballer Damiano Tomassi went through the microphones 'Esports COPE' to talk about Pep Guardiola, who was his teammate in the locker room of Roma.

Tomassi, who shared with Pep Guardiola's team during the season 2002/2003, commented on the possible renewal of Catalan FC Barcelona: "Pep knows that to do a good job at Barca, you must be motivated and be aware that what can do, because Barça can not fail, there is much pressure and you have to be 100% sure to follow. in Italy we are also outstanding because everyone wants it in their country because it is a great coach and is more in football. Those who want football can not say no to the arrival of Pep. Everyone will be watching what he does Pep, not just Barça. "

Asked if the Santpedor be motivated to work in Italy, the current president of the Italian players' union considered "Pep wants to race. To succeed in a country like Italy, with a tradition of football so important, you can motivate something more than they can train and motivate the club. But Barça coach is not like the others and Barça Pep is not a team like the others. and this is going to regret. "

Tomassi also spoke of Luis Enrique and his work in Roma. "Luis Enrique in Roma is convinced that football can be played differently. It's great. Imagine that Rome knows it and is already posing agree with him in the coming years.He is doing something different with other thus, a different spirit and with patience. the Roma cree in it from day one and has defended it when everyone criticized him. not be easy for Luis Enrique to leave Roma, "he said.

And he spoke about the of Asturian's relationship with Barça exforward: "It's the best coach Bojan could have in Italy, because he knows and knows his experience. Is Bojan The problem you have to pay to keep it. But you can do a good future in Italy. "

Finally, Tomassi assessed the possibility that Xavi ends as a coach at Barca, "Xavi is a very important player in the field and off. If the field is likely to be out and the Barça. One of the secrets and the key to get where he is now Barça is the courage as a person. and I think at Barca there are many who are seen as coaches because they want to be part of a group, be aware that without the others will not no side ". (via SPORT)