24 February 2012

Thiago: "This Barça will be around for a while"

The Barça midfielder believes that the Club’s youth system has “bold, hard-working and humble players that want to get to the first team”. Thiago also said that the Liga “is complicated, but we’ll keep on fighting”.

Thiago Alcántara talked to the Masía’s budding stars this afternoon. The first-team player believes that Barça’s philosophy will allow the team to continue at the highest level of play for many years thanks to “the bold, hard-working and humble players that want to reach the first team.” Thiago made the statements during the presentation of the MIC tournament, a World Cup that brings together the best Club youth systems from around the world. The tournament is played from April 4th through the 8th.

On the Liga, Thiago knows that “it’s complicated, but we’ll keep on fighting.”

The Barça player also talked about his manager. “Everyone wants him to continue at the Club. He’s our reference point, but it’s his decision. We’ll be with him until the end of the season, we’re with our manager to the death.” He added, “Guardiola knows the whole team perfectly and he know how eagerly we eat the ball up in every training session, every game, his decision isn’t based only on one game.” (via FCBarcelona.com)