23 February 2012

Thiago Alcántara: "It makes me very funny in Madrid to discuss cycle"

Thiago says, "The Madrid is still better in La Liga, so we will first and second, but still team to beat Barça."

Thiago (11-4-1991) admits he was "cool" look of advertising model for signature Nike, but "to me what's going is football." Of course. 33 games of the 42 officers, 24 head, 3 goals and 5 assists. All this in his first full season. A wildcard that Pep seen, a lot.

Xavi claims that are not really the 10 point lead in La Liga with Real Madrid, which is unfair.

And he's right. They do not reflect the game one and the other. There is more to see how prepared the parties, how to meet them, how we play. Just the way you play does not reflect

So ...

It happens that rivals know us more and that Madrid is still better, so goes first but Barça is still the team to beat.

Can they hunt?

Thiago Alcántara(TA): Mourinho is a great coach and employs powerful physically, which is the counterattack. It is a style different from ours. We shall see.

Do arbitrations have hurt Barca and Real have benefited?

TA: Players are to blame for the point spread. We are those who play. Do not blame anyone else.

It sparked the debate over who lost the starting lineup in Pamplona. You appeared in the lineup.

TA: People have to understand that we are in many competitions, there is a great wear. We prepare every day to get ready. The coach has some players and we are able to supply them at any time. And sometimes, things do not go.

Did you see unfair criticism?

TA: It gave me a sense of injustice.

Does the costume have the perception that the environment does not value azulgrana's 13 titles won?

TA: I think it highly valued. The barcelonismo is happy to win so assiduously but people usually wrong. Sometimes we fail and, of course, be doubted. But we know we must fight for everything, that the demand is greatest. Do not be scared of everything.

He played a lot and in many positions, how do you feel?

TA: Happy because I know that the coach can count on me for any situation, I will keep working to do so. Would you go around the future of Pep?

TA: No, in the locker room there is no such uncertainty. We live day to day and see him as ever, yet we do not lose ambition. The decision to renew is yours.

There are pools of candidates.

TA: I can not imagine one without Pep Barça, for all he has given the club and what it means to him this home.

A much praised you ...

TA: It's a huge pleasure. Is the person telling you, it makes you play.

In Madrid to discuss cycle.

TA: I do very much, yes, because they keep good players out of La Masia and still hungry for titles. Impacts to see the veterans, who have won it all with the same ambition. Young people bring forward. Good combination.

Offsetting win the Champions if they lose la Liga?

TA: If you think about it coolly, winning the Champions, who is also the end of all, is not to compensate but it does create the happiness that can supplant not win the league but not going through our heads to win the Champions and waste la Liga. We must win it all, yes or yes.

Three titles in the Cup final and fighting for two more.

TA: It's a good season but now we can not be satisfied. It will value at the end.

Touch League match away, not being strong of Barça ...

TA: Hard to Atletico and us. They play against Barça and we face a historic carrying a roll without losing.

And with the factor Simeone.

TA: It notasu character and his hand.

Maradona says that Valdés is bad

TA: I respect all opinions but he is a great goalkeeper, is almost unique. Knows how to play with his feet, which is not easy, and the last Champions League final, without going any further, saved us.

Do you see the selection?

TA: What I'm asked to do, I will.

Urban model for Nike
Nike store in the Passeig de Gracia 20, Barcelona, Thiago posed as a model of the new collection of clothes that the sports brand has designed inspired by the azulgrana colors, with a style purely urban Sportswear and the template looks on the go. The medium level was compared with Piqué and avoided. "He is handsome, tall, measuring more than 1.80 ..." let go a laugh. (via MD)