14 February 2012

They return the players to Barça

Guardiola returns to Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc and Busquets, against Leverkusen, the best recipe to forget the defeat of Pamplona.

After several games with some doubt, Barca need to sign a complete game, the one to ninety minutes, recover their best feelings and take possession of the ball and in their best nights. And to rescue the best version of the team, Guardiola aligned gamers today, the team's most creative players.

So, back to the starting lineup Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta and Cesc Fabregas, absent in Pamplona (in the case of 'Busi', the court drew on his right knee). In the case of La Mancha, leaving a lesion (although it reappeared against Valencia in the Cup semi-final), no medical impediment to play and in fact, the player has communicated to the medical and technical arrangement that is in perfect to hold today at the Bay Arena.

Nothing like the team back to nature to forget as soon as the stumbling block of Pamplona and take the path to the quarterfinals of the Champions from tonight. The stage, the Bay Arena, cold but in good condition to play football, game invites to make a round with the club that most closely matches the best club.

Xavi's return is one of the best news for the club: the Terrassa had not participated either in the semifinal round of the Cup in Mestalla and at home against Real Sociedad, two absences over a player used to be one of fixed. He returned to Valencia but again ran out of play in Pamplona, ​​where many Barca fans will miss him.

Iniesta also around the team can provide key details on this stretch of the season: the manchego ensures imbalance overflow in one on one and a special ability to overcome the pressure lines of the opposing team, one aspect of the game that the team had in the Reyno de Navarra.

It is less relevant than Sergio Busquets is able to start. Nobody like Badia player to serve as anchor in the midfield, stop the opponent's thrust and contributing to an output of the ball as clean as possible. Busi `are you able to come back and Guardiola will not miss the opportunity to rank you back in the starting line to stabilize the team.

At Pep's plans to advance again the position of Cesc Fabregas, second top scorer of Barca in the overall season. The Arenys accompany today's attack on Messi and Alexis. Cesc depth and ability to break into the area may be decisive as a block against Leverkusen, very physical and rather static when defending. In the defensive line, is likely to recover Mascherano central position in detriment of Gerard Pique, who does not cross its best. At the risk of losing a certain fluidity in the output of the ball, Guardiola could sacrifice the central Catalan for input `Masche ¿faster on the court and in the coverage. In favor of the ownership of Pique, however, plays a potent passing game, a factor that can be decisive as a block against Bayer Leverkusen, which has as its two central specialists (Friedrich and Schwaab) and striker Kiessling.

Does anyone pay the piper?

Many supporters of Barça are now particularly attentive to the alignment of the Bay Arena Guardiola after his controversial decision to leave the bench Xavi, Iniesta and Cesc in the game against Osasuna. Check if Pep takes a toll on some players by the bitter defeat of the Reyno de Navarra or reward certain behavior will be one of the attractions of the lineup. (via SPORT)