12 February 2012

Tello was the best news of the 'Pep Team' in the Reyno

The forward reaffirmed his ability to make a lever. Its entrance, next to Cuenca, air attack gave a very erratic Barcelona.

Cristian Tello was the best news of the Reyno. His appearance in the second half stirred at a Barcelona intemperate, strained, uncomfortable in front of a grandstand especially noisy and frozen turf, hard. As hard as Osasuna, a team of tough leg, demanding on every play, comfortable with the messy game.

The Sabadell left in the second half and revitalized the game of Guardiola with a gear. It has increasingly shown that Pep has given him a chance. Tello has been uncovered as an extreme `vintage ¿, of those who once played glued to the lime and understand each play as an individual challenge to the side. That means the game and that's Sabadell its staging regardless of the stage. Yesterday, of course, the game invited to go unnoticed. Moreover with the aggressiveness of the premises. But Tello was great and was the player who caused the biggest problems Osasuna defensive gear.

His breakthrough with the first team is no longer anecdotal. His dizzying game (every time you launch a highway-oriented broken space makes the side) can be one of the great assets of the template in the second round.

Now that the team gives symptoms of playing with loaded legs, the end looks a physicist who is pure muscle (its physical evolution in the last year has been spectacular) and his companions is one of the fastest players in the group. At the speed you have to add a spectacular shot that makes him a difficult player to defend. A constant threat. Luxury amenities offered yesterday and left a bit for framing. He received the ball on the right wing, made a cut and dry conjured up a shot so hard, impossible for the goalkeeper. Your both activated to Barcelona again be in the game for a few minutes. In the final minutes, was close to completing a performance espléndida.Suyo was the shot that could have tied the game. Again a thread poisoned. This time, however, the target appeared Fernandez hand, local hero yesterday. (via SPORT)