13 February 2012

Speech for the Champions and 'stick' for la Liga

Guardiola was adamant when analyzing the derrrota in Pamplona, ​​but also spurred his family to Europe.

The defeat by Osasuna in the Reyno de Navarra has been a turning point for Pep Guardiola. So far the technician had always been lenient in losses or adverse outcomes, minus transcendence, trying to minimize the consequences and seeking to arouse positive aspects to their own. This time, Blaugrana coach was much more adamant in his comments, reading the book more than one, without specifying or giving names, but not letting nothing out. He avoided looking for excuses from cold or field-while recognizing that affected in many ways, nor specific arbitration decisions. For Santpedor, the blame for the defeat was the team, period.

Pep blamed in large part to the defense of error that left the team 2-0 down with twenty minutes of the game, but also distributed to other lines, but not so strongly.

He reminded them in any case that will never let down their arms nor to surrender prematurely, with particular emphasis on keeping your head held high and not give any points for lost until the end because "the League is the thermometer of the season ". In any case it was a reflection almost aloud, looking for an overall group catharsis.

And he used the excuse of the Champions, the competition was reopened in style tomorrow, as their best morale booster to blow some air to your computer.

"This Champions we can not escape." Such confidence was Blaugrana coach is aware that the journey in this competition is two months, so that with only six more games could be planted in a final plus: the fifth of the season!

"We are the defending champions and we must defend our title," he harangued his pupils to touch them a little pride, reminding them that they are the ones who lifted the trophy last depends on them and anyone else up on 19 May in Munich.

Pep knows that the trick of wins now whole Europe, so the team has to die in this competition to continue to live the most of the season, leaving behind the League for some time if the flute sounds and the computer 'recloses' the championship.

No doubt Guardiola has many trump cards to think that the match in Leverkusen will be very different to that seen in Pamplona, ​​although temperatures in Germany also will be about four or five degrees below zero.

To start on the field will be three 'players' par excellence, Xavi, Iniesta and Cesc-technical decision absent Guardiola's own. The coach will be argued before each kick-off the reasons why decided to give them rest and the three accepted it without much problem.

Then, the imminent return of Seydou Keita of the African Nations Cup will also allows you to have many more choices when moving bench and give strength in midfield, while Sergio Busquets recovery also solve the consistency and flow deficits that have seen in recent games start when the plays.

Guardiola, after qualifying the team for their final eleventh in the last three years, la Liga does not mark the course of the season and is willing to make every effort to ensure that his men re-motivate. After the drubbing at the Reyno de Navarra used the whip, no nonsense and right and left, but as if it were a scalpel, in order to remove doubts, if any, and some specific attitudes that are not characteristic of a championship team. (via SPORT)