28 February 2012

Shakira, 'Good luck': The hips of Pep Team

Some heavyweights staff tried to imitate the suggestive hip movements of Shakira in concert in Montjuïc.

Even before the affair made ​​official, the rumor about a possible link between Piqué and Shakira became a media tsunami of reach.

The emergence of the tabloids in search of a photo bother the couple, although Shakira tried to live naturally and pulled semantic humor. "I think everything comes from wakawakismo. So this is a rumor that I waka waka awards, but they are the tricks of the trade waka ". More accustomed to glossy paper, the Colombian did not refuse questions about it and even he was sympathetic to the press, more and more insistent in confirming a relationship as juicy. (via SPORT)