16 February 2012

[Selection] Del Bosque believes that the final should be played in the "most beautiful frame"

The Spanish coach Vicente del Bosque believes that the final of the Copa del Rey between Barça and Athletic should be played in the "framework that can be pretty".

In presenting the Spain-Venezuela friendly to be played Feb. 29 in the Rose Garden, Malaga, Del Bosque said he has "taken an opinion" on the stadium should host the Cup final and, if any , "obviously" not be pronounced. "A cup final is the most interesting game to play, the more appealing to different interests, and therefore the best possible framework is desirable," said national coach, but noted that "a question of the Federation, in that it is moving, as well as the clubs themselves. "

Cree as to which team is going to be the champion league, Del Bosque declined to comment and stated only that it can only "compare some facts: that Madrid is ten points behind Barcelona, ​​which these days are many points, but there is still a lot of competition ahead. "

As for the numerous physical problems of some of the important men of the selection, as Xavi, Vicente del Bosque said that, within three months of the season remaining, is concerned about all the players who can be summoned to the tournament. "We have a concern, of course, the status of all players, not especially Xavi, but of all those potentially" can be selected, said Del Bosque, who reiterated that the final list for the European Championship in Poland and Ukraine "becomes on 15 May. "

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