10 February 2012

Satrustegui, low surprise in Osasuna to receive Barça

The player is the absence Eneko Satrústegui outstanding in the call for Osasuna for tomorrow's match against Barcelona at the Reyno de Navarra stadium, because the left side of Navarre had been a starter in the last seven days.

The Osasuna squad that began the season with the third tier subsidiary, had won the job to the Finnish international Jukka Raitala, who enters the list after not being convened in the last six games and therefore likely will start against the Barcelona.

The same as Satrústegui, have been left out of the citation by technical decision goalkeeper Ricardo López, defenders on Echaide, Roversio Rodrigues and Rubén González, and midfielder Xavier Annunziata. Álvaro Cejudo and Javier Calleja received a medical discharge after training in Tajonar and entered in the call, while only two injury casualties are Kike Sola and Masoud Shojaei.

The list of 18-man squad is made up of Andrew and goalkeepers Andrés and Riesgo, defenders Marc Bertrán, Sergio, Miguel Flaño, Raitala, Damià and Lolo, midfielders Puñal, Nekounam, Ibrahima, Raúl García, Lamah, Cejudo, Timor and Calleja, and forwards Lekic and Nino. (via SPORT)