22 February 2012

Sacchi: "Best for Guardiola is to stay at Barça"

The Italian ex coach Arrigo Sacchi believes that Guardiola should continue next season at Barça.

Arrigo Sacchi believes that Pep Guardiola may be tired after four years at Barça, but believes that the coach will find no better place to go. "I retired from Milan because he was tired, because after four years was broken and exhausted. Guardiola depends upon himself, but if you search for the best motivation is to be home. Barça is their country, their history, their environment. the best thing for him is to stay here, "said the program ex coach milanista 'Mas Esports' of COM Radio.

If Guardiola finally decides to leave the club azulgrana, Sacchi advised to avoid Italy as a destination "is the last country they should go. In Italy are not used to touch and play here not like that style. In addition, clubs always in a hurry and there is no long-term planning, "said Sacchi, who believes current Barça still has a long road ahead, but not always win everything.

The coach that was one of the most successful teams in history, the Milan of Van Basten, Rijkaard and Baresi among others, did not hesitate to commend also Portuguese coach José Mourinho, who considered a "big". "There will always be people who want a lot and people who do not, but it is an extraordinary character. He left Italy because I needed to find a different motivation, but I think that next year will still be in Madrid," said Sacchi. (via SPORT)