23 February 2012

Rogerio Ceni, a myth in 'home' of Valdés

FC Barcelona goalkeeper Víctor Valdés received a very special visitor Wednesday: Brazilian goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni.

The Ciutat Esportiva de Sant Joan Despi was the scene of the encounter between two of the best goalkeepers in the world. Barcelona's Víctor Valdés was visited by a target who has long admired. "It is a reference for what he did in his career and for that feature so different it is to score goals," he said at the time Barça goalkeeper on Rogerio Ceni, the illustrious guest who was on Wednesday.

The goal of São Paulo, with 103 goals scored in free-kicks and penalties throughout his career, with Valdés chatted for a while and even brought him a very special gift: a shirt his São Paulo team. Rogerio had the opportunity to talk also with compatriot Dani Alves, who also received a jacket by the goalkeeper-striker.

Through his Facebook profile, Valdés did not hesitate to hang the picture in such a unique gift he received from his beloved Rogerio. Maybe he sent one of their 'secrets' to rout set pieces? (via SPORT)