03 February 2012

Rexona, sponsor of Barça

The firm becomes the regional partner in Central America, Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador.

FC Barcelona and brand Rexona Thursday signed a collaboration agreement for one year you entered into force on February 1, with option to extend for another year, by Rexona which becomes the regional partner Central America, Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador.

Rexona is the first brand associated with the club in your product category and acquires rights of association, the club's image for advertising campaigns and promotions in these areas with the participation of first team football. Also, Rexona can perform different events to promote its own brand in the region, for example, campus with FCBEscola or corporate events in the same Camp Nou. Understanding prestige

With this agreement, FC Barcelona confirmed their sponsorship program with a mark of international prestige and strengthen their business relationship in a strategic region for the interests of the entity. Also takes a record of global interest aroused by the institution, making companies around the world bet to partner with the values ​​and identity that projects the FC Barcelona at the international level.

Rexona, a leader in its category, is the more antiperspirant deodorant brand sold worldwide and was created more than 110 years in Australia. Currently, develops products for both women and men in different formats. The firm owned by Unilever, a company founded in 1930 and is present in over 80 countries, is dedicated to the sectors of food, household cleaning and personal hygiene. Other leading brands of this corporation are Knorr, Skip or Dove. (via MD)