16 February 2012

Return the best Piqué

Designated as the sole culprit for the defeat of Pamplona will make you stronger and motivate you like never before.

In the first game of the League 1993-94, Barça could only line up three of the four foreigners on staff, Romario, Stoichkov, Laudrup and Koeman. The hero of Wembley, the most indisputable of the poker of aces, it was the sacrifice for Cruyff putting the Dutch focus of media attention surrounding brutal that decision. "We're out-Johan said because you are the strongest. None like you endure the pressure."

Praise compensated Koeman not the anger or annoyance, but in a professional went ahead with more energy and love for just under Cruyff. The 'Master', Guardiola not only learned from that episode to choose either the victim in a particular situation, also suffered in that locker room division between chiefs and Indians, that also meant that Cruyff coaches win games and the players who lose them. That is not how Guardiola has focused its relationship with the costumes, especially because with so few losses so far there has been no crisis or situations to solve. After Pamplona, however, has resorted to the old tactic of public punishment, to draw Piqué as largely responsible for that damn 3-2.

View images, all the defenses and Valdes failed to cover himself, position, reflection and anticipation. It was a bad day group. Bookmark to Pique, who also had the misfortune to suffer a slight accident when leaving home on Monday, it sounds like message for all. Guardiola could not have punished Valdés, Alves and Abidal by the demands of the Leverkusen match Puyol nor for obvious reasons, just as he did well to defend the young, whether or not successful in Pamplona. Piqué Guardiola knows better than anyone, is the strongest to resist a public example.

The defender, footballer with champion and terribly winning maderade, took the disappointment of his life. He did not like being excluded or indeed accepted to be the only culprit. But Koeman and other large, that anger will make stronger first and motivate you very much, knowing that when you return the equipment, because train ever to hold on Sunday, will not have to prove anything but just move on.

His personal and family environment has been low this time his best refuge, like the costumes, which shares the good and bad times alike and each other. Those around him closely, as their parents, who did not take more than a kiss at the airport with absolute ease and affection, they know not only their professionalism but also their behavior and seriousness rather than living Piqué harassed, persecuted and punished by a yellow press and the heart that slander and poured blood cells every day of his life. Any other player would break down under so much pressure, lies and media interests around.

If something has Koeman in common and Piqué they are that mental strength and a competitive character without limits. The best Piqué is still to express all their potential. (via MD)