22 February 2012

The renewal of Pep Guardiola, who starred in 'Gala Estrelles del Futbol Català'

This Tuesday was done in the old factory of Estrella Damm, the 'Gala Estrelles del Futbol Català'.

The renewal of Pep Guardiola, was a recurring theme in the 'Gala Estrelles del Futbol Català' which was held in the 'Antiga Usine d'Estrella Damm "Tuesday in Barcelona.

At the entrance of the act, Johan Cruyff said that "Guardiola will not wait two months" to make his decision. And once started the act, he continued to plan the desired temperature in the renewal of the coach of FC Barcelona.

The event, presented by Artur Peguera, was special guest comedian Pep Plaza, Crackòvia actor, who imitated several characters, including Pep Guardiola himself, which also simulated a call when it seemed that he had revealed his decision .

Another time when they talked about renewing Guardiola was when Andoni Zubizarreta and Josep Maria Bartomeu collected on your behalf the award for Best Coach of the Gala.

Zubizarreta was asked by the renewing of Guardiola and passed the 'brown' to Bartomeu, who wanted to reassure: "Do not be nervous, be calm."

"The work done is well done. When you think it's time to renew, we will be happy to do," he added.

Guardiola addition, at the gala were other winners FC Barcelona. Xavi Hernández received the award for Best Football Player and Jordi Torras the Best Futsal Player. As Marc Carmona as best Futsal Coach.

On the other hand, as galadornadas Football Best Player and Best Futsal Player Marta Torrejon and were Marta Pons. Player award with more projection was for Álvaro Vázquez and Best Referee award went to Ana Zardain. (via SPORT)