07 February 2012

Reiziger: "The league is very long and no doubt the Barça"

Michel Reiziger said that "no doubt" the chances of Barca in the league since, despite the difference of seven points, Guardiola's team "is still great".

"Madrid this year has a very good team and in recent years has always been between Barcelona and Madrid. But the league is very long and anything can happen now coming Champions League games and can not say anything at this time . Everything is open, "he said.

The Dutchman, who resides in Gava (Barcelona), has been sworn brother of the traditional Snail Festival has been held for 28 years in the restaurant Can Soteras of Barcelona, ​​along with other athletes such as Olympic medalist exatleta and Fermin Cacho or Young Espanyol striker Alvaro Vazquez.

Winning two league titles, one European Super Cup and Cup with Barça between 1997 and 2004, Reiziger is confident Pep Guardiola's team going into this season.

"I see no doubt. What I see is that the other day could have won 4-1 and I have doubts at all on this team," he asserted, attributing these recent hesitation of the Catalan side to the "pressure on the nerves of the environment" and not a computer "is still phenomenal."

Reiziger, international with Holland and with a long resume that led him to wear the shirt of big clubs like Ajax, Milan, Barcelona and PSV Eindhoven, has praised the philosophy of the Barca team to bet on the quarry each year.

"The whole world is now watching you may have this quality. They enter the computer and still doing well, is amazing. The moment each year may climb three or four, all have demonstrated their quality and on the field is impressive, "he acknowledged.

Nor has she been spared to praise one of the best players in the Netherlands today, Arsenal striker Robin Van Persie, a player who used to be always on Barca orbit when the transfer market opens.

"He's doing an incredible season in London. Is technically good, fast, and I think I could play at Barça," he thought about it.

And, in conclusion, has sent a last advice to the Barça squad about the criticism of members who currently have focused Barca and Real Madrid in recent weeks: "It's a topic you never have to enter, because they want to do the best job they can. " (via SPORT)