28 February 2012

Quique Sánchez Flores believes Pep decided to extend his contract one year

The former Valencia and Atlético coach said from Dubai Real Madrid win la Liga and that Barça are favorites in the Champions League.

Quique Sánchez Flores, who is in Dubai to Al-Ahly training, today reviewed the football with sergi But for COM Radio. The former coach of Valencia and Atlético Madrid, who watched the game from the mattress against Barça, said: "I ​​like Atletico, I think it's an organized team that is hard to play him because he has changed a lot and Barça would highlight the honesty that led him to win the game. "

Asked about the goal by Leo Messi admitted that "special players I drool. Only Barça already have Messi, Iniesta, Xavi ... In la Liga there are players who have a talent more than important. Also Cristiano Ronaldo ". Further believes that Pep's words when he said that Barça would not win the league, are pure strategy: "I always see him Pep honest and with a touch of irony with which sends messages to him who believes appropriate, in this case a message reassuring to his players, who need to know they can win the league but more failures than successes his rival. Pep does not stitch without thread and coherence. it is a message that relaxes the tension of some players to change the boots each three days. Today emotional point is worth a good tactic and that Cruyff and Guardiola was good too. "

From ooach azulgrana said that "is dedicated to train a group of players sublime together and well directed, can do very important things. Guardiola has hit almost all decisions and made ​​the difference. On his controversial renovation, Sánchez Flores said that Pep "is another act of deference and loyalty to the club, of commitment. It makes things from feeling. It is at that point where your heart tells you to follow. Is very close to that point but want to have it confirmed and I find very well. "Whether looked Barca training was clear:" Yes, you train the club. I have nothing in my story that I can stop any team train the world and that makes me very calm. Ever since the opportunism that you have to know that Pep renewed with Barça. "

Also dipped the Spaniard on the future of the league and the Chmapions. La Liga gives "Real Madrid" and the Champions "I see very divided, but Barça will have bad luck unless such injury." Regarding the renewal or not of Mourinho on the bench for Real Madrid opted for a "yes, I think it will continue." Finally, unveiled in June signed with a European team, "Confirmadísimo. I had two offers and have been arriving. I understand the situation we will have a team in Europe. Does Chelsesa? Not discard anything," he added. (via MD)