25 February 2012

The puzzle of Guardiola

The return of key players forced the coach to be more interventionist. Only Afellay, Villa and Fontàs remain discharge.

Guardiola has the move tab. In recent times the setbacks in the form of injuries and suspensions have provided technical decisions. Now the scenario is different. Only Villa, Afellay Fontàs and are not available. A Pep gets to be interventionist.

Moreover, seeing that the newly retrieved cry out his site on his computer. The staging of Iniesta against Valencia was magnificent (no sign of the biceps femoris burdening midfielder). Xavi improvement in every workout and is ready to steer the ship back to azulgrana. Busquets recovery is another great news. Often does not appear in the 'snapshot' of the successes and performances sometimes tiptoe. But seeing the team whenever it is not, is claimed as a cornerstone.

Pep recovers some of his best pieces of nerve center of the equipment to continue clinging to a kind of epic exciting: cut ten points to a prodigious Madrid.

With Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta to point, to be seen as Guardiola manages Cesc Factor. In recent weeks, its role has been more restrained, away from the anarchy of the most advanced positions. Now he could return to play closer to the goal. More freely.

The presence of senior midfielders with the template for Thiago predicts less prominence in the coming weeks. Especially in the big stage. It happens that Guardiola has already made clear that this course does not like giving up your best assets in the midfield. When they have been all well have opted for the diamond. So it is reasonable to incorporate a midfielder more and give up a defense. With this scenario would increase the options of playing for Thiago, Cesc and Messi play closer.

For the meeting tomorrow Alves and Mascherano will also be sanctioned in the last league match. The Brazilian has regained his best as a winger. He looks more comfortable appearing to attack from a fixed position above. Back to 3-4-3 and see the best version of the Brazilian would be a major technical challenges. Guardiola will have to choose, shake the board. Solve a puzzle. Also in the attack with the emergence of Cuenca, first, and Tello, later. Two were not expecting this course. Were not in the forecast. The impact of Cuenca in the team was so positive that you are no longer waiting in the subsidiary. Tello has been claimed as a great end to the first team. Manage the minutes of both will be one of the most sensitive to the operator.

A Pep will get to choose, make decisions on almost all lines. Work awaits. The team is strengthened with the return of the best, a puzzle for Guardiola. (via SPORT)