19 February 2012

Premier League stalks Pep Guardiola if not renewed by Barça

The great English interpret the delay as an opportunity to sign him.

Pep Guardiola has become the main focus of the Premier League. While Barça expects a 'yes' in response to the renewal offer, the most powerful English clubs dream of the contrary, by giving cycled on the bench for Barça and English may undertake the adventure, to be resisted as player. All interpret the delay as a good sign for them, while in barcelonista entity will continue to believe that Pep.

At least four clubs have seriously considered the signing of Guardiola: both of Manchester, Chelsea and Arsenal. All of them seriously reconsider their current structures if they had a 'yes' Pep, initiate a project with the current azulgrana coach at the front and would be willing to make available everything that needed it. Another big as Liverpool looks more from a distance, above all for his financial problems.

At Chelsea regret having signed to Villas-Boas, faced with a changing room in which there was credible and that has earned. Wenger's Arsenal wanders without ambition and Alsatian coach already has dried up credit. But Manchester is not London but speaking more than Guardiola. The City would not hesitate to switch to Mancini by Pep and discussion of the succession of Sir Alex Ferguson has long been open in the United. The Scottish coach could announce soon, well informed sources said the Old Trafford club, which will only once again, this time for good.

This scenario would give a margin of one year Guardiola to be the replacement for Ferguson. The other clubs that would interest Pep and that in turn would be willing to sign him in need of a more imminent. The United can keep alive his dream of signing him in 2013, very much in tune with the immediate plans of Pep, if ultimately not renew for Barça could tomarseun sabbatical.

From Barça is valued above all, his ability to work. Barça played well, very well, football, but also a team whose players defend as if their life, something that really like in England. It is striking also much work with the base, an area in which most English clubs have become obsolete.

Barça still waiting for Pep move tab in the renewal of his contract. From the coach environment is apparent optimism and can almost certainly say that the technician does not provide training in the Premiership, at least next season. And the club is confident that barcelonista coach will continue, but became a pressing need to announce it. The next two weeks continue to set the agenda barcelonista: after that period, we must start thinking about a plan 'B'.

The succession of Sir Alex
One of the most obvious choices for Pep Guardiola finished training in England is Manchester United. If Ferguson, as some sources say, decided to go to the end of next year, two names emerge as candidates to replace: Pep Guardiola and José Mourinho.
The Portuguese have always been noted as one of the favorites for Ferguson, with whom he had a controversy in his time at Chelsea but not without some complicity, especially when both shot at Wenger. They share a taste for provocation and combativeness dialectic.
However, not everyone at United is in favor of a technician able to stick his finger in the eye to a colleague. The club will consider carefully the views of Ferguson to name his successor, but also the view of others. For example, Sir Bobby Charlton, who has a very negative view of Mou. (via MD)